Case Study: Wisden

Bringing a century-old brand into the modern age.

Cricket Ball

Cricket Ball” by Visit Britain is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Wisden, often referred to as the 'Bible of Cricket' is an annually-printed almanack that was established in 1864 by John Wisden, a nineteenth-century cricketer who sold sports equipment from a store in London before branching out to his eponymous publication.

In 2017, the brand decided to expand into the digital space and create a website that not only housed top-level sporting journalism, but would be a hub for all types of cricket information - real-time scores, player & team profiles, statistics and much more.

I had the pleasure of working with local agency 21six to put together this design. I began by putting three visual concepts together, one of which the client signed off immediately, and then moved on to designing up client-supplied wireframes of the extensive list of pages. This was then passed to 21six's team of in-house and external developers to put together.