Case Study: MPDVision Issue 1

Bringing context to trend intelligence.

MPDVision was a publication released twice a year alongside Mudpie’s seasonal trendbooks. With the large amount of pure trend resource and graphic assets available in each book, the team felt that it needed to have an editorial counterpart to add insight into each trend. Furthermore, this could be sold as a standalone publication.

This, the second edition of the magazine that I designed, was unfortunately not printed – the previous version had been and the costs involved were too prohibitive to continue. Instead, this edition was available online, viewable in a ‘magazine’ format through Issuu and also as a PDF download.

Of all the work I have done, this project was easily one of my favourites. With everyone else busy working on trendbook content I was given freedom to design the magazine as I saw fit – all 200 pages of it. I took strong influence from fashion and lifestyle publications such as Esquire and Arena for layout and took the opportunity to fully explore a variety of typographic styles, particularly in the headlines of the main features.