Case Study: Fifty Magazine Concept

Because I hate Lorem Ipsum.

All creative briefs start with an idea. A single tiny acorn of a thought that grows and develops into a fully-fledged project, be it a website, app or a magazine. The idea that spawned this project is, “I hate lorem ipsum.”

Allow me to backtrack. A little while ago I felt like I needed a new project to keep my portfolio fresh, a self-brief that would allow me to completely own whatever it was I was doing. I’d been doing a lot of BAU-type digital work which wasn’t really suitable for the site, so I decided to flex my editorial muscles and work on a magazine.

Often when you see an editorial concept in a portfolio, the designer doesn’t have any content to work with and so uses the standard Lorem Ipsum placeholder text, save for maybe the headline and standfirst. This is one of my absolute pet hates as a designer – in my opinion, nothing featuring Lorem Ipsum is portfolio-worthy, as by definition, it’s not a finished piece of work.

However, I wasn’t about to sit there and write up a bunch of real articles to include, so I raided the archives of my now-defunct blog Welcome to the Fold for old articles that I had written (except the Footsie interview, that was conducted and written by my brother). The articles were primarily about fashion, so the magazine quickly became a style publication. The name ‘Fifty’ comes from the name of my company ‘So Fifty Ltd’, which in turn comes from the SO50 postcode in which I’ve lived most of my life.