About Me

The man behind the pixels.

Hi, my name is James Samuel-Camps and I am a designer, front-end developer and writer living on the South Coast. I have a wide variety of digital and print design experience with fashion trend forecasters, financial service providers and digital design agencies, as well as my own freelancing.

This diverse range of environments has provided me with a valuable set of skills, including working with strict compliance guidelines, designing and delivering work for both digital & print and liaising with clients.

I believe it’s important to have a passion in life; aside from graphic & web design, mine is the written word. Writing, reading, editorial design – I love creating text and making it look beautiful. I believe that working with copy allows you to fully engage an audience by invoking a sense of refinement, balance and harmony.

We now live in an age where this applies just as much to words made of light and pixels as it does to paper and ink; I feel privileged to be able to work with both.